Association of Resident Doctors, University College Hospital, Ibadan(ARD-UCH), was established in 1967 and currently made up of about 700 members comprising Resident Doctors, Senior Medical Officers, Medical Officers, Dental Officers and House Officers.

It is the largest single Resident Doctor’s association in Nigeria and an influential member of the Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors(NARD). It is the first of its kind in Nigeria. Its members form a major workforce of the University College Hospital, Ibadan.

In 1967, the Association of Resident Doctors became a product of a tutorial group for doctors who were interested in postgraduate medical education oversees under Late Professor Emmanuel Olaofe Olurin(FRCS) and in 1968 Mr Olajide Ajayi FRCS was elected as the first President of the association. The association has since then produced leaders who are renowned in the medical profession both locally and internationally. Fresh in our memory is the immediate past Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac F. Adewole, and the current Chief Medical Director of the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Prof. Jesse A. Otegbayo, who were respectively former Presidents of ARD-UCH in 1984/1985 and 1995/1996.

About Us


The Association of Resident Doctors, UCH, Ibadan, has one of the most established and robust democracy amongst her peers in the country evident by the executive and legislative arms. The executive arm is known as the Executive Council and is led by the President who directs the affairs of the association. The current President is Dr Temitope Hussain, a Senior Registrar in the Department of Community Medicine. The House of Representatives is the legislative arm and it is saddled with the responsibilities of deliberating on and having the rights to ratify, reject or re-plan the annual and supplementary budgets of the Association without prejudice to the overall objective of the Association and articulated plans of the Executive Council amongst others. It is made up of at least a representative from each clinical department and is currently being led by the Speaker, Dr Taiwo Orimogunje, a Senior Registrar in Radiology Department.

“The aims and objectives of the Association shall comprise, but not limited to, the following:

  1. To protect and promote the interest of her members at the University College Hospital as defined in Article I Section A (Resident Doctors) and Article II of this Bye Law, who are in pursuit of their training programs.
  2. To improve the social and economic welfare of her members as defined in Article II.
  3. To promote the efficiency of the UCH Resident Doctors in the discharge of their duties.
  4. To encourage and fully participate in the academic and scientific development of UCH.
  5. To consider and express her views on all proposed policies and legislations affecting Resident Doctors in Nigeria.

From the President Desk

Dr. Zakariyah T. Hussain

In 1966, Dr J.O. Mabayoje (Registrar of Nigerian Medical Council) first mooted the idea of setting up a postgraduate medical college of Nigeria and following consultation with senior specialists, examining boards were set up in 1966

These examining boards drew up curricula for postgraduate training of doctors and dentists on behalf of Nigerian Medical Council. Some important timelines include: In 1969 – decree 44 promulgated to conduct postgraduate examinations with external examiners and award fellowship diplomas.In 1970- Nigerian Medical Council (postgraduate examination) regulations including the syllabi were published. Mandatory intensive 6-month basic medical science courses to prepare candidates for primary fellowship exams were started in Lagos and Ibadan in September and October 1971 respectively.

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